December 27, 2014

2015/2016 New Teams

This year I have focused mainly on the older teams introducing a new u16’s and with great support from Paul, Donna, Wayne and Dave two adult teams.

From this we now have a clear path for the U16’s to carry on their football into the Adult leagues.

My focus for 2015/2016 season is to now build on the younger teams.

The structure that we currently have within the younger teams will support more teams going into the new season.

We will also introduce younger teams as young as U8’s into the club with the plan to take them all the way to adults.

In order to support this we will train some of our current older players to Level 2 and they will take and train these younger teams with a clear proven development plan.

2016 as planned since 2011 will see the introduction of a semi pro adult team.

Thanks in advance to everybody involved.

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