The fixtures have conspired to make it four weeks since Rangers where last kicking the windbag around Stone Close and included in the fixtures was an excellent win at Wombwell Main in The Sheffield and Hallmashire Senior Cup.  Now though it is time to get back to winning ways in the league and today’s encounter with Thorne.

For consistency, surely not, I thought it would be appropriate to follow on last times article where we looked at the brigade of ground hoppers and I finally admitted to being one and look at the next stage of questionability bloggers and vloggers.

Not satisfied with just travelling around the grounds ticking off railway stations, a certain pub chains [Wetherspoon’s there is that good enough for a freebie?] and all sorts of quirks at grounds like passing water stood in the urinals on one leg while shouting out ‘GOAL’, what that’s just me, we now have an increasing number of recorders of the game.

Blogging is fairly straight forward and many people register their thoughts on a variety of subjects from pregnancy, worldwide travels and of course football.  The footballing version offers many forms from match report to day out from ground descriptor to a wide selection of additional photographs.  Some even feature the fish and chip shops visited pre-match, but I have promised to limit this as its getting embarrassing having to have the stadium gates open to gain access with turnstiles getting narrower nowadays you know!

With many blogs around covering the game at all levels but especially our beloved non-league you are spoilt for choice if you want to find out about a club you have not visited, plan to pop along to or are just plain interested in their set up.

New to this scene is a vlogger where the attendee takes along his phone or small recording device, Betamax camera I guess, and puts together a package of their day with the ultimate being the game and surrounds.  These are a developing asset and have some fantastic exponents of a real art form and most gradually get more hooked and their final product becomes more professional and with a big bulk of hoppers enthusiasm becomes an excellent watch.

Who knows what the next column will be about it may even talk about mascots now they are strange people, I know cause once again I have been one!  The best ones are clearly the expensive fully covered up outfits not the ones that just including dressing up and everybody can still recognise you.  Any thoughts on a Renishaw mascot how about the miner bird?  Let Martin know I’m sure he will be delighted to add this to the pre-match entertainment and then you just need some idiot to get dressed up in said costume.

Taxi, I’m off!

Enjoy the game.